Office space organization in Electro is aesthetically reconciled and highly functional and practical.

Gross buildable area
22 386 sqm
Gross buildable area (below ground)
3 939 sqm
Gross buildable area (above ground)
18 447 sqm
Usable Area
15 700 sqm
Underground parking (two levels)
102 parking spaces
  • Double height entrance lobby
  • Open plan floor layouts with a central core
  • Average typical usable floor area
1 800 sqm
  • Typical Finished Floor to Ceiling Height
2.8 – 3.0 m
  • Structural bays
5.7 m by 11.7 m
  • Clear span from core
14 m 
  • 4 high speed passenger elevators with destination control serving all office levels and basement,
    out of which 2 elevators reach basement levels.
Engineering Systems:
  • Air conditioning and ventilation provided by active chilled beams system: FläktWoods AB (Sweden) or Systemair, Johnson Controls (York);
  • Individual housetop gas boiler-station with total capacity of 3.0 MW;
  • State-of-the-art centralized Building Management System;
  • Electricity: I category with 80 W/sqm and 2 separate independent energy sources;

  • Integrated 24-hour centrally monitored security system;
  • Access to car parking controlled by card reader at entrance and exit;
  • CCTV and alarm monitoring system;
  • Internal fire safety systems.